Mama’s Kebabs / Pizzeria / Bar (Shekou)  Mama’s 地中海风味餐厅
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
Owned and operated by the same management team as The Terrace, Mama’s is a great Shekou spot for fast, casual Western food including pizzas, bacon-and-egg breakfasts and grab-and-go lunch items, such as paninis. The 68 RMB English Breakfast includes bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, a hash brown and...

Awakening Vegetarian Restaurant  唤觉生态餐厅
Irene Palazzi, Premi Carr (more shenzhen)
Vegetarian? In Shenzhen China? Do not despair. Welcome to Awakening, where food is meatless, healthy, attractively displayed and served with beaming smiles. Awakening is a small place with simple, unpretentious decoration, tucked away in Futian’s Che Gong Miao area. The restaurant also has a...

Sorelle Café  芭啦芭啦
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
After opening in November, Sorelle Café became another of the numerous coffee houses and eateries along Wanhai Road in Shekou’s Rose Garden area – but even among the many, Sorelle distinguishes itself with memorable pizzas, a pleasant atmosphere and a wide-ranging Western menu that includes...

Spring  越南春天
My favorite pho! (ChinaFoodie)
Never had a bad meal at Spring. It's the best Vietnamese in Shenzhen. Luv to go here after shopping!

Kexueguan Futian Kingway Beer Gardens  福田金威啤酒花园
Metro Stop Clarification (JRK)
It's actually on the Metro Maps as "Science Museum". It's easy to find and is great value for money! Why do we go get ripped off in Western Style places when we can pay a quarter of those prices in places like this?

Bill & Helen’s Bar
Bill and Helen are great!!! (ChinaFoodie)
Don't be mean, "still-will!" Bill and Helen are great and run a fantastic bar. Luv you guys!!!

Rapscallions Café Bar, Coco Park
Alastair Dickie (more shenzhen)
By sticking closely to its mission statement, Rapscallions Café Bar — whose tagline is “Foodies of the World Unite” — has managed to carve out quite a name for itself in the few months since it opened. Situated centrally in Coco Park, Rapscallions serves its foodies in a picturesque...

Cheers Wine Cellar  干杯葡萄酒酒窖
Mike Lawrence (more shenzhen)
After wandering around the galleries, high-end furniture stores and artsy attractions of OCT Lofts – or before the wandering, for the particularly thirsty – Cheers Wine Cellar is a wonderful place to take a break and sip fine wine in a leafy, relaxing setting. The establishment also is a...

Big Waves on a Big Bay  大浪灣
Alastair Dickie (more shenzhen)
Big Waves on a Big Bay > Big Wave Bay, or Tai Long Wan (大浪灣) in Cantonese, features huge, sandy beaches that cut swathes between surrounding mountains and cliffs encased in nearly impenetrable jungle growth. Big Wave Bay is a surfer’s paradise, a camper’s dream and a rewarding...

The Interlaken OCT Hotel Shenzhen  深圳东部华侨城国际酒店
Devin Licastro (more shenzhen)
Whether you’re a short-term visitor or a long-term resident, Shenzhen’s fast-paced lifestyle can create a need to step away for some relaxation. The serene environment and soothing waters of the hot springs at the Interlaken OCT Hotel in Yantian provide just such an escape. Not to be...